Open Songs

Open Songs is a collective music project by Elee Loop. The project was part of Öppna Malmö, supported by Malmö Stad in 2021.

Using a custom-built recording booth SONG-O-MATIC and social media, Elee Loop collects stories, secrets, and thoughts from people and turns them into songs.

Over a few months, people submitted over 6,000 stories in the SONG-O-MATIC.

The resulting songs have been performed live on several occasions, for example at Malmö Live as part of the World Pride and Mitt Möllan during Gallerihelgen.

The latest round was filmed in a live session and released on YouTube in 2021.

Participate by sharing your story by:

  • Recording in SONG-O-MATIC at Mitt Möllan, Malmö.
  • Using the hashtag #opensongs.
  • Sending your story directly @eleeloop inbox.
  • Submitting your story to the Open Songs Mailbox.

Project management and coordination: Styggare & Snyggare
Art Direction, Design, Code: Magoz

The project is supported by Malmö Stad and Mitt Möllan.

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