Elee Loop is a musician creating songs and instrumentals.
She performs using several musical instruments, a loop station, and launchpad.

Offstage, she creates instrumental music, and works for animations, commercials and licensing.

Originally from Finland, she is now based in Malmö, Sweden.

Her musical roots are in classical music as she started playing the flute at an early age. A hobby became a passion and took her to professional studies in Conservatory of Helsinki. Her passion and curiosity towards music and sound leveled up at school, but the frames of classical music became a restriction over a creative playground.

Her musical career as she now sees it, started when she dropped out of the school and took off for touring as a one-woman band. On the road, she started to develop her way of making music and performing it as a one-woman band with a looper. 

Her first single Floating was released in June 2018.

Elee Loop - Floating - Single



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